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We have developed the "DrugChecker" to address the issue of drug contamination. This self-service machine allows consumers to independently test their substances. Using near-infrared technology, the samples are examined for impurities. A touchscreen keeps users informed throughout the process. They have the option to retrieve the test results or reclaim the sample if it's found to be contaminated.

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Project info

The "DrugChecker" is designed robustly to prevent vandalism. Users can either scan the result via QR code or print a receipt, which can also be used by emergency responders to track the substances consumed. DrugCheckers can be placed in various locations such as subway stations or festival sites in containers to maintain users' privacy. Police or emergency services can access the collected anonymized data on a dashboard, such as the number of samples tested, common contaminants found, or generate hazard alerts.

Silas Wessle
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