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In the fast-paced digital world, seniors often lag behind despite the opportunities it presents. Our smart solution, coupled with a learning app, provides them with the tools and support to actively participate in the digital realm. The Mia Starter Kit offers an easy entry point with analog print materials and the Mia Assistant Button for personalized assistance. The accompanying manual prepares seniors analogously for the digital world. The Assistant Button connects via Bluetooth to the device, offering step-by-step instructions for inquiries and context-based suggestions for simplified usage.

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Project info

The Learning App imparts fundamental media literacy through playful lessons and exercises, designed for age-appropriate interaction. With Mia, seniors can not only tackle specific tasks but also gain a better understanding of and proficiency with digital devices.

Sofie Freund
Tanja Herzer
Luca Engelhard

I am open for a job and always looking for new and exciting projects.

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